• Board of Education Meeting

    A Special Board of Education Meeting will be held subject to Board approval on Friday, July 19, 2019, at 8:00 a.m., in the Ardsley High School Guidance Conference Room. It is anticipated that the Board will take action on agenda items. The community is invited to attend.

    Property Acquisition Special Vote Passes

    The Board of Education, administrators and staff thank the community for your continued support of our schools. The Property Acquisition Special Vote passes. Here are the results:

    341 Votes Cast

    262 (77%) YES
    79 (23%) NO

Accessibility Notification

  • It is the goal of the Ardsley Union Free School District that the information on our website is accessible to individuals with visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.  Efforts have been made to ensure that our website complies with New York State standards on website accessibility.  

    If you are unable to access any page on our website please email Sabrina Rich or Elizabeth DeMicco with detailed information on the location of the page you were attempting to access. 

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