Technology Vision Statement

  • The Ardsley Union Free School District’s philosophy is guided by the vision of the cultivation of a globally connected digital citizen who is proficient, resourceful, conscientious, and acts with integrity in the use of technology.

    This vision emphasizes the development of a framework based on 21st-century skills and digital citizenship. We strive to inspire excellence in every student by providing an educational environment that not only challenges minds but also helps build character. We believe every child is inherently curious with a desire to learn, explore, create, and solve problems. It is our responsibility to appreciate the diverse interests and needs of our student body and to help every student recognize their full potential as lifelong learners in a globally connected

    To help our children succeed in a world of rapid change, we believe that our curriculum must continually evolve to incorporate new learning technologies. We believe it is part of our role to instill the values of ownership, accountability, and responsibility as students build their online presence. We must also support our teachers with ongoing professional development programs and encourage them to maximize their talents, passions, skills, and knowledge for the benefit of our students.

Our Team

  • Sabrina Rich - Director of Technology
    Erin Newton - CIO/Database Specialist 
    Ramon Santos - Operations Manager
    Larry Martinez - Systems Engineer, AHS
    Carlos Rodriguez  - Systems Engineer, AMS
    Jordan Lee -Systems Engineer, CRS 

    Please email for any technology-related issues. 

    Please email Erin Newton for issues with the eSD Parent/Student Portal. 


Phone: 914-295-5831


Degrees and Certifications:

*Bachelor of Science in Education K-6 *Bachelor of Science in Business Ed. 7 - 12 *Master of Science; Curriculum & Instruction in Computer Science *Master of Science; Library Media Specialist *SMART Exemplary Educator *Google Certified Trainer *Google Certified Innovator

Ms. Sabrina Rich

The educational landscape is undergoing a profound change, with technology reshaping the way our students learn and introducing a wealth of new resources into our classrooms. Chromebooks, interactive boards, Google Workspace, and iPads empower both teachers and students to tap into applications and information that extend far beyond the confines of their classroom. I find great inspiration and joy in contributing to the ongoing transformation of learning within our district.

In my role as the Director of Technology, my primary objective is to assist teachers and students in seamlessly integrating technology into the curriculum. I am dedicated to offering training opportunities that equip today's educators with the skills needed to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow's digital learners.