• Music

    Music is part of the human experience.  It is all around us and part of our daily lives on many levels.  Music involves an active communication between the listener and performer on a deep and often emotional level that has the power to transform and uplift one’s spirit.  This transformation can be immediate, long lasting and affects people of all ages.  We would like our students to be able to understand and experience the power that music has to influence and transform our lives.  We want them to be able to develop their abilities to communicate effectively as performers and to understand their role as members of an audience. 

    Music education teaches students many things about themselves and their lives.  Students learn how to work cooperatively with one another, how to listen to and respect one another, and how to constructively critique themselves and others.  They develop a deeper understanding of who they are, how to communicate with others, and how to work conscientiously and consistently to produce a work of quality.  They learn how to use a non-verbal medium to interpret the world around them and then share this interpretation with others.  Studying music helps teach students how to slow down their fast-paced world, quiet their minds and focus on a single task.  They learn how to consciously block out the many distractions that interfere with the creative process.  The study of music helps students develop confidence that leads to success in all areas of their lives.

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    Music Department Faculty

    Adam Hyman, Orchestral
    Jeffrey Kinsey, Instrumental
    Kyle Banks