• School Bus Guidelines

     It is important that all students follow the safety guidelines below while riding on the school bus.  Please take time to review the guidelines with your child.

    Bus Guidelines for Students to Follow:

    • I will stay in my seat.
    • I will buckle and tighten my seatbelt.
    • I will make room so students can sit in the same seat with me.
    • I will us a quiet voice.
    • I will use kind words.
    • I will keep my hands and body to myself.
    • I will safely board and exit the bus by waiting patiently.

    While we hope that incidents will not occur, following are the consequences for misconduct on the bus.


    • 1st offense is a warning and a review of the guidelines.  Students are asked to sign a bus guideline handout and write a reflection at home with their parents about the choices they made on the bus and how they will avoid future incidents;
    • 2nd offense is an assigned seat for one month accompanied by a parent letter and a phone call;
    • 3rd offense is a removal from the bus for two weeks;
    • 4th offense is a removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year.