• Ardsley's Equity Vision 

    The Ardsley School District’s leadership team is deeply committed to ensuring a mutually respectful learning environment for every student, family, and staff member and believe that embracing our diversity leads to social/emotional and academic excellence and prepares students for lives in a multicultural society.  

    As leaders and educators, we believe our work is fundamental to building a future where every individual is equally valued and celebrated, and every person's potential can be realized and fulfilled.  

    The District's work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an exciting opportunity to celebrate, enrich, and transform who we are as a diverse and inclusive community of learners in Ardsley.

    How can we approach this work?

    We will use the Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Framework and the NYSED Policy as tools to guide our work, affirm our values and set our priorities across the Framework's four dimensions.  

    1. Welcoming and Affirming Environment for All.
    2. High Expectations and Rigorous Instruction for All.
    3. Ensuring Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment for All.
    4. Ongoing Professional Learning and Support for All.

    District Equity Leader: 
    Nanesha Nunez, a CRS teacher, has enthusiastically accepted the stipend role as the District Equity Leader. In this role Nanesha will assist teachers by providing information on best practices in DEI education. Nanesha will be a key interface and resource to the DEI Committee.

    Equity Committee: The Ardsley School District’s Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has been formed and consists of parents, teachers, administrators and students. (Click on this link for more information on the Equity Committee and to view committee meeting presentations).



    The Ardsley School District continually strives to create a culture of inclusiveness, understanding, and compassion in our schools. Bigotry, bias, intolerance, and hate of any kind,  have no place here in Ardsley and we will continue to do our part in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion for all in our community.