• The State of New York has been administering the Regents Exam in Chemistry since 1879!  Since then, quite a bit of chemistry has changed. 


    Class expectations and curriculum:


    Class Rules - Regents Chemistry


    Welcome to Regents Chemistry!  As always, there are a few simple rules and regulations that we need to cover before getting started.


    1) Materials:  All students MUST bring a notebook, pencil or pen, Regents Chemistry Reference Table (provided), and a calculator to EVERY CLASS EVERY DAY.  If a functioning, non-graphing calculator is not brought to a test, your grade will be penalized for lack of preparation.


    2)  Attendance:  You are expected to be in school every day.  You have 24 hours from your return to make up any late work.  If you know that you will be absent in advance please notify me.  If you miss an exam, you have ONE week to make it up during 9th period.  It is up to YOU to make time.  If a test or assignment is not made up within one week it will automatically become a zero.


    3)  Lateness:  This class starts at the bell.  You are expected to be in the class, at your seat, working by this time.  If you arrive after this time, you are late. 


    4)  Homework:  Homework will be given out about five times a week.  All assignments are due the day after they are assigned unless otherwise noted.  Regular homework will not be collected, but rather checked by me on a daily or weekly basis.  KEEP your old homework assignments as a record of having turned them in.  You MUST have your reference tables and calculator to get credit for the day’s homework.


    5)  Exams and Quizzes:  There will be several full period exams each marking period.  Exams will cover material from class, homework, and lab activities.  All exams will consist mostly of Regents style questions and problems.


    5a)  On Cheating:  I do not tolerate cheating.  Copying, plagiarizing, and using illegal notes during quizzes and tests all constitute cheating.  NO credit will be given for such assignments, tests or quizzes and you may be additionally penalized.  Students have failed my class as a result of cheating.  DO NOT CHEAT.


    6)  Laboratory:  The New York State Education Department regulations state that, in order to be eligible for the regents, all students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of laboratory projects.  I will cover the exact format of lab reports before our first lab.  You are responsible for keeping a neat and tidy lab area.  Labs are always due one week after they are complete with a 10 point penalty on the 8th day and every day afterwards.


    6a)  Safety:  I take laboratory safety very seriously.  Most chemicals are no more dangerous than those you might find in your kitchen or bathroom but being exposed to some can be harmful or fatal.  It is of utmost importance that you follow all safety precautions to the letter.  You MUST keep goggles on your eyes when you are in the lab area as well as any other safety equipment necessary.  Do NOT EVER touch anything that you are not familiar with.  If an accident occurs TELL ME immediately.  I am far more concerned about your safety than placing blame.


    7)  Grades:  Final grades in January and June will reflect work done throughout the entire year.  The following breakdown is approximate and subject to change:

    Exams/Tests: 75 %  Projects/Labs: 15%  Homework/In-class work: 10%

    Students' Regents grade will factor in 10% of the final grade.

    A student who has a cumulative grade below 65% will fail for the year.


    8)  Course Outline:  We will be following chemistry topics in the same order as the Regents is covered:

    Preliminary Topics- SI units, Metric Prefixes, Error analysis, Dimensional Analysis, Scientific Notation, Scientific Method, Graphing.

    Unit One-   Definition of Chemistry, Matter, Energy, Phases of Matter.

    Unit Two-   Atoms, Atomic Structure, Natural Radioactivity.

    Unit Three- The Nature of Chemical Bonding, Bonds Between Atoms, Molecular Attraction, Chemical Formulae.

    Unit Four- Development of the Periodic Table, Properties of Elements in the

    Periodic Table, Chemistry of a Group.

    Unit Five- Mathematics of Chemistry, Moles, Stoichiometry, Solutions.

    Unit Six-   Kinetics, Equilibrium, Spontaneous Reactions.

    Unit Seven- Acids and Bases, Acid-Base Reactions, Ionization Constant.

    Unit Eight- Oxidation and Reduction, Electrochemistry, Balancing Redox Reactions.

    Unit Nine- Organic Chemistry, Definitions, Characteristics of Organic Compounds, Homologous Series of Hydrocarbons, Organic Reactions.

    Unit Ten-  Applications of Chemical Principles, Theory,  and Industrial Applications.

    Unit Eleven-   Nuclear Chemistry, Artificial Radioactivity, Nuclear Energy.


    9)  9th Period:  I am always available during 9th period (barring emergency) on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  If you have any questions, concerns, or would like extra practice on any Chemistry material, please come to 9th period.  It is most effective if you show up during the first 5 minutes so I can review with everyone at once.  If you plan on showing up later in 9th period, let me know so I know you’re planning on coming.  It is extremely ineffective to show up at the very end of 9th period.


    10)  Fairness:  Your actions will dictate what privileges you will be given.  Many students are able to handle responsibility maturely.  If you are unable to handle responsibility maturely, you will not have as many privileges as those that can.


    11)  Open Communication:  If you have any concerns, questions, or comments at any point during the year, PLEASE contact me directly.  I will gladly discuss any issues you may have, meet with you, or meet with your parents throughout the year.  Though I am almost always busy, I will never intentionally ignore you or blow you off.  If you feel that you are unable to speak to me during free periods please drop me a note.  If your parents need to reach me they can contact me at the school.  If I do not respond within 48 hours, please assume that I did not get the message and try again.


    I am looking forward to a great school year.  I expect everyone to work hard and I will do the same to make this a challenging and rewarding class.


                                                                            -Mr. Morgano



    The current curriculum can be found in PDF form here:

    A brief history of Regents exams can be found on this state website: