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    School Supply Lists

    The school supply lists for all grades for the 2019-2020 school year can be found under the Parents tab.

    Happy Summer!!


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  • summer reading


    Below are summer reading lists for grades k-2 and grades 3-4 to help you and your child select books for summer reading.  Research has shown a high correlation between a student’s academic success and the time devoted to reading.  We suggest you examine the books together to see which ones are appealing.  If you wonder whether a book is appropriate for independent reading, have your child read aloud from a page in the middle of the book. If he or she mispronounces a few words and/or misunderstands, then this book is more suited for the opportunity to read to your child.  There continues to be a strong relationship between being read to (K-4) and success in school.  Our lists contain many high quality illustrated books with interesting themes. Conversations about books help to build a love of reading in addition to strengthening independent reading abilities.   Summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of this opportunity. 

    Best wishes for a summer full of sunshine, relaxation and great books.

    Summer Reading List K-2

    Summer Reading List 3-4

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  • New Main Building Walker Dismissal Pilot Update

    Our two-week main building walker dismissal pilot, which started on January 7th, is now drawing to a close. We would like to begin by thanking everyone for a strong collaboration during our implementation period and for providing helpful feedback through the recent survey that was sent. A thorough review of the community survey results, including a review of the survey comments, and a review of feedback from our faculty members who facilitate main building walker dismissal, was conducted by building administrators, members of the PPLT and members of the faculty and staff. A sample of feedback from children across each grade level was also considered.

    Following this joint analysis, the decision was made to extend the pilot period for an additional two weeks with an adjustment to the protocol for 4th graders. While things will remain the same as they have been over the past two weeks for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade main building walkers, we would like to pilot having 4th graders exit through the main entrance doors. This shift will begin on Tuesday, January 22nd. Parents picking up 4th graders should form a line in the roped off area towards the right of the main entrance, behind the kindergarten pickup line. This area will be designated and marked with signage. Once kindergarten parents have picked up their children, 4th grade parents will then move forward and receive their children. Our hope is that this will provide a safer location for 4th grade parents to wait, reduce the number of pickup locations for families with children in multiple grades, enhance efficiency for fourth graders moving through the building to their exit location, and offer an overhang to more families.

    We would like to acknowledge that we received several comments noting that it would be best for siblings to exit through the same door.  While we honor this and fully agree that this would be ideal, unfortunately logistics within the building prohibit us from making that actionable at this time. We also received feedback that the volume of car traffic during dismissal makes it difficult for parents to exit campus efficiently. We continue to encourage bus eligible families to ride the bus to support decreased congestion. From the faculty and staff members with dismissal duty, and from the children we spoke to, there was unanimous, positive feedback that the main building dismissal pilot was a significant improvement over what previously existed, particularly regarding student safety. We will seek additional feedback the week of January 28th, following the 4th grade shift, before finalizing our new main building dismissal protocol.

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  • Wednesday Early Dismissal Information

    This is just a reminder that on Wednesdays we have early dismissal for students.  Dismissal times are as follows:

    Kindergarten & 1st grade students primary building walkers are dismissed at 2:20pm.

    2nd, 3rd & 4th grade main building walkers are dismissed at 2:35pm.

    Buses depart by 2:50pm.  

    We ask that you be at your child's bus stop early and wait for your child. This will alleviate children being brought back to school.

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  • School Dismissal Manager

    If you have not already done so, please sign up for School Dismissal Manager before the first day of school, Tuesday, 9/4.  Please read below for information about our School Dismissal Manager.

    School Dismissal Manager Letter

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  • WeatherBug 

    Please dress your child appropriately for the weather!! 
    To check today's forecast please visit WeatherBug.


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