• First Semester:

    This course completes the United States history curriculum begun during your junior year.  Together, we will try to make sense of today's world by examining the key events, developments, and movements in the United States since 1945.  The end of World War II brought a profound change in our world and these changes impacted the United States.  As was the case last year, we will focus on some core essential question(s) with every study.


    Second Semester:

    The objectives of the Economics course are to develop a basic understanding of how different economics function. with a special focus on the United States economy.  We will study important economic theories and concepts, with the goal of applying these to real world issues.  We will examine different economic problems, conflicts, debates and government actions.  Ultimately, students should be able to grasp, evaluate and make decision about the economic questions they will encounter in the future. 

    Please see your google classroom page for assignments.