• AMS Physical Education 

    Our curriculum provides experiences for students to develop and maintain positive self-image and personal development. Also, our program allows our students to develop appropriate social behaviors by working independently and in small groups. Sport and movement skills are taught, integrating the concepts of health and wellness, fair play, teamwork and personal living skills.


    • Meet every other day/all year.
    • Students stay with the same classmates all year, but rotate teachers.
    • All students are provided a gym locker with a built in combination lock to secure their physical education clothing at the gym.
    • Students should leave a change of clothing in their gym locker at all times (sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, socks, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc.)
    • Students are required to participate in every class unless medically excused.  A child must have a note from home to be excused.  If your child is to be excused longer than a week (i.e.., fracture), an appropriate doctor’s note is required.



    • Every unit meets 7 to 8 times each
    • Touch football, soccer, 2 units of swimming (deep water test on the first day), basketball, volleyball, games, team building, fitness testing, softball, lacrosse.
    • 8th grade has 1 unit of swimming and 3 elective units



    • Grades are given on the report card twice a year at the end of each semester.  Grades are based on:   
    • Preparation/tardiness
    • Motor skill performance and knowledge of skill mechanics, rules, strategies
    • Personal living skills: cooperation, safety, sportsmanship, respect and leadership



    Department Members:

    Jeff Caldara

    Dan DiFalco

    Linny Lagana

    Jackie Cordero