• September

    As discussed at Open House, Concord Road is using the revised Investigations math program this school year.  The children have been learning about multiplication.  They are learning about the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition.  The mathematicians are interpreting word problems and learning a variety of strategies to solve multiplication equations.  We are also building upon second grade concepts with a review of place value.



    We have begun our second unit, which reviews addition and subtraction.  Students will understand and extend their knowledge of place value and the number system to 1,000.  Ideas will be developed around counting and quantity, place value and the structure of the base-10 number system, the meaning of operations with whole numbers, computational fluency, and generalizations about numbers and operations.  Students are memorizing the multiplication facts for the tables 1-12.



    The mathematicians are learning more about addition, subtraction, and the number system.  They are building upon their understanding of place-value and the number system to 1,000. The children are learning and practicing a variety of strategies to help them add and subtract more efficiently and accurately.  The students are deepening their understanding of place-value concepts by learning more about the structure of the number system. This includes the relationship among the digits of a number and what happens when multiples of 10 and 100 are added to or subtracted from a number.

    As mathematicians, the children are learning how to identify the hundreds digit as representing how many 100s are in the number, the tens digit as representing how many 10s, and the ones digit as representing how many 1s.  By identifying the place value of each digit, the children are able to apply learned strategies to help them better answer addition and subtraction problems. They are building upon their computational fluency while also identifying the key words/phrases found in word problems to help them decide how to move forward and solve correctly.

    Although the primary focus of this unit has been on place value, addition, and subtraction, the children also continue to practice the multiplication facts and connect them to division.  Please continue to review the multiplication facts with your child, as this will greatly support the math work moving forward this school year.  

    As a reminder, there are a variety of student accounts (IXL, Xtra Math, Dreambox), as well as eBoard games that can continue to support the fluency of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.