• lunch LUNCH

    Your child can bring lunch from home or purchase lunch in the cafeteria.

    To purchase lunch, your child needs an account. You can go to our district website and find School Bucks to create this account and to put money into your child's account.  You will need your child's Student ID.

    Please check the menu every day with your child so he/she knows what is being served that day for lunch.


    snack SNACK

    Please send in one healthy snack and beverage every day.

    Please pack the snack separately from lunch.
    This makes it easier for the children when they unpack.


    bus Dismissal Information

    After 1:30, you will not be able to make any dismissal changes.  For all dismissal changes, prior to 1:30 please call the main office at 914-231-0816.  This information is also on our website.  Please send a note to me if you know in advance of any dismissal changes.  Do not email me any dismissal changes.


    backpack Backpack and Folder

    Check your child's folder each night and clean out his/her backpack.



    If you haven't please send in a change of clothes in a bag labeled with your child's name.  If the clothes come home, please replace the change of clothes.