• ELA - Reading and Writing

    What a fantastic bunch of kids!  So far, I have had a lot of fun getting to know the children and have enjoyed building our classroom community.  We continue to work on community building activities and the children are beginning to get to know me and my expectations for them as learners.  We are off to a great start!

    In reading workshop, we have been discussing all the habits of a good reader and setting goals for ourselves as readers.  We have been practicing strategies that good readers use to figure out unfamiliar words and working on choosing "just-right" books.

    The children are "reading detectives."  They are learning about the importance of using text evidence to support their ideas and claims about a text.  They are answering questions together and learning how to identify the key ideas and details that help them answer questions, deepen their understanding, and, ultimately, to better understand the text they are reading.  We continue to build reading with fluency and expression while incorporating reading strategies that enable readers to better comprehend a variety of texts. Very soon we will be meeting in small groups reading and analyzing texts together.

    We have launched our Writer's Workshop and have spent time discussing the things that good writers do.  The children have had a great time discussing the importance of using a Writer's Notebook.  They had fun decorating their notebooks and we really talked at length about all the things they can write about in their notebooks.  We heard from children's author, Mary Amato, about how she uses a notebooks and the children were inspired to see a real author using a notebook to draft ideas, just like they do!  Next up, the Writing Process and Personal Narratives!

    This is also the year the children will learn to read and write cursive through the Handwriting Without Tears program.