• Latin 1 Honors

    The goal of the Latin program is to develop the student's ability to read and comprehend Latin. To support this goal, both structure and vocabulary are introduced through a series of meaningful
    reading texts. The reading selections are centered on themes of Roman history, geography, and since understanding and mastery of the "classical tradition" and its impact on current events and contemporary literature are important components of the study of a classical language. In addition, the acquisition of word-building techniques, an increase in vocabulary development and analysis skills, and a deeper understanding of the linguistic structure of English are significant bi-products of the student's study of Latin and its derivatives. The cultural topics of Level I emphasize everyday-life activities, myths and legends, education, house and family, art and architecture, entertainment, dress and fashions, and social customs associated with all major life events (birth, coming-of-age, marriage, funerals, etc.). Grammar study includes nouns of all five declensions, the major cases and their uses, verbs of the regular four conjugations, selected irregular verbs, adjectives and agreement, pronouns, adverbs, and numerals.
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