• Homework


    First graders receive homework Monday through Thursday and should read for at least ten minutes every night.  First graders receive their homework at the beginning of the week along with a weekly planning sheet to help guide them with special dates, activities, and assignment due dates. All homework should be neatly completed and turned in by Friday. Your child will have access to the classroom library books each week and they will select books on Mondays and Wednesdays to bring home and share with you. 

    Homework routines are important to establish and can help your child to strengthen their organizational skills and build independence. If your child has questions about the homework or is unsure of what to do, just send in a note along with the assignment so I can review it with your child. Homework should not be stressful and time consuming for your child. Assignments are purposefully selected to review concepts taught in school as well as give students opportunities for independent practice.