The beginning of the school year focuses on the “readerly life.”  During this time, we establish our expectations for Reading Workshop.  The children are learning about the habits and routines of the reading workshop time.  I am getting to know the children as readers through both formal and informal assessments.  This time is incredibly helpful for planning differentiated instruction moving forward.


    The children are learning about the expectations for Writing Workshop.  Writers all have stories to tell.  We are sharing stories together and noticing some of the qualities of great storytelling. For example, we saw that interesting stories have introductions that pull the reader in.  They also have precise and powerful words.  We will begin to pay close attention to our introductions and word choice as we work on telling dynamic stories.


    This is also the year the children will learn to read and write cursive through the Handwriting Without Tears program. Hopefully your child has come home with lovely stories of letters that connect!