• Mathematics




    Concord Road is using  K-4 Investigations math program this school year.  In our first unit, the third graders are currently learning about multiplication.  They are learning about the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition.  The mathematicians are interpreting word problems and using a variety of strategies to solve math equations.  Students are even asked to create their own story problems to help contextualize multiplication situations.

    We are also building upon second grade concepts with a review of place value, addition, and subtraction.  We continue to observe that math is all around us!  We are always looking for math in our daily lives and connecting it to the real world.

    The children are also learning that mathematicians use a variety of different strategies to get to the same answer.  There are many different ways to solve a problem.  The children are sharing their different strategies with one another and discussing the similarities and differences between them. Throughout these discussions, students learn to follow each other’s thinking.  Being able to articulate another child’s thinking is a useful tool!