Our first graders are beginning the second unit in our Investigations math program.  We are currently working on comparing and combining shapes.  This geometry unit focuses on two–dimensional shapes.

    Our young mathematicians will be observing, describing, classifying, comparing, representing and building two–dimensional shapes. The children will work to compose and decompose shapes in different ways. The children will be encouraged to use geometric vocabulary to describe and identify important features of two–dimensional shapes.

    At home you can encourage your child to find shapes in his or her environment.  Since shapes are everywhere, talk to your child about the shapes they see whether it be the shape of a cereal box or the shape parts of a building. Ask your child to identify the shapes he or she sees or ask him or her to find certain shapes around your home. Have your child draw, use yarn or straws to make different shapes.

    We will also continue to work on showing how we solved story problems.  Please continue to ask your child to explain his or her thinking when solving math problems. 

    Later this year, we will explore three dimensional shapes and objects.