• We are a community of readers!

    ELA - Reading and Writing


    Reading - November/December News

    In the reading workshop, the children continue to choose "just-right" books to read independently. Through these texts the students try to practice all the skills and strategies from class.  We continue to carefully look at mentor texts to support both our ideas about reading and writing.  The children are working on using all the text features to help them make predictions, as well as support them with explaining their thoughts.  They are learning to use text evidence to support their thinking, and are reminded to use the sentence starter, “I think this because…”  They are also working on strategies to figure out unfamiliar words, such as using context clues and looking at the word length.  Vocabulary instruction is under way, and extremely important to enhance the comprehension of a text.

    We have been carefully examining the characters in the stories we read and we are talking about how they change throughout the stories.  We also discuss how their actions can affect the other characters.  Visualizing the text and creating pictures in our minds to help with comprehension is another strategy we have been practicing.  

    We continue to discuss the habits of “good readers.”  The children are always reminded to think about the following three questions:

    • Does it look right?

    • Does it sound right?

    • Does it make sense?


    Writing - November/December News

    The children worked incredibly hard on their personal narratives.  They learned how to hook the reader with an interesting beginning, and how to bring closure to their stories with a satisfying ending.  Other craft lessons included stretching out the most important moment and writing with descriptive language using the five senses.  Students were very excited to share their personal narratives at our class cultural holiday celebration on Thursday, December 23rd.  You can view all the personal narratives by visiting our Google Classroom page.

    The children are also focusing on word work.  We are looking at the spelling patterns within different words.  We continue to develop vocabulary, proofreading, and editing skills through our word work study as well.  High frequency word assessments will be administered when we return to school in January.  This will enable me to better differentiate word work for the children moving forward.


    Reading - September/October News

    We are a community of readers!  The beginning of the school year focuses on the "readerly life."  During this time we establish our expectations for Reading Workshop.  The children are learning about the habit and routines of the reading workshop time.  I have been getting to know the children as readers through both formal and informal assessments. This time is incredibly helpful for planning differentiated instruction moving forward.

    We already know that good readers, "stop and think."  Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?  Good readers always "stop and think" when they are reading and ask themselves these questions.  Mrs. Mancini's class is filled with "good readers." Throughout the school year we will focus on strategies and skills that good readers use to deepen their comprehension of texts in a variety of genres.

    The children listened to many different stories over the first few weeks of school. We enjoy discussing the different texts, the characters, the problems, and the solutions. Please ask your child about some of the books we read together.

    The children are "reading detectives."  They are learning about the importance of using text evidence to support their ideas and claims about a text.  They are already answering questions together and learning how to identify the key ideas and details that help them answer questions, deepen their understanding, and, ultimately, to better understand the text they are reading.  We continue to build reading with fluency and expression while incorporating reading strategies that enable readers to better comprehend a variety of texts. Very soon we will be meeting in small groups reading and analyzing texts together.


    Writing - September/October News

    We all have stories to tell!  The children are learning about the expectations for Writing Workshop.  We are sharing stories together. Everyone enjoyed reviewing the special writing notebooks decorated by the children.  Each notebook was unique and told many different stories. 

    The children are very busy writers.  The children created their own "Maps of the Heart."  Be sure to ask your child about some of the people, places, animals, and things he/she included on his/her "Map of the Heart."  

    Beginning next week, the children will learn more about personal narratives.  They know that we all have stories to tell. Recently, they brought in special items from home to orally tell stories about.  Following this, they started to write about their special items and personal stories in their notebooks. The children have been working on writing with stamina over the past few weeks.  This means writing for a long period of time. Soon the children will begin the process of choosing a topic to write a personal narrative story. They will learn more about the writing process through this unit of study.

    The third graders are getting ready to begin word work through a brand new word work program K-4 at Concord Road School.  This will include focusing on proofreading and editing skills while reviewing the appropriate spelling of third grade core words.  The word work program will begin to focus more on word patterns and it will become differentiated to the individual needs of the children based on beginning of the school year assessments.