• Independence, Organization and Routines


    Let's build independence!!!    It's really important for you to begin helping your child build the independence they need to be successful at school, at home and in life!  Here are some ideas:

    • Make sure you teach your child how to pack and unpack their backpacks.
    • Have your child pick up after themselves (e.g. toys, shoes, clothes, school supplies, dishes, etc.)
    • Let them have a say in lunch/snack choice. 


    Being organized goes a long way!!!   Being organized helps our children feel less chaotic and more in control of their belongings and tasks they need to accomplish.  

    • Have a dedicated space for coats, shoes and backpacks, if possible near the door so they are quick to grab.  
    • Have a homework toolbox for home use only (pencils, crayons/colored pencils, scissors, glue, pencil sharpner). 
    • Create a dedicated space where homework will be completed.  This space should be in the same spot everyday, clear of clutter and distractions.  Keep the homework toolbox in this dedicated space. 


    Routines help bring organization and independence together!!!  Giving your child a schedule will help them feel less anxious.  Pictures/words are often good to have available for your child to help them build that independence and organization.

    • Giving your child a daily schedule will put them at ease knowing what they are doing for the day and where they need to be (e.g. School 9:00-3:00, ACC 3:00-5:00, dance class 5:30-6:15, etc.). 
    • Make sure your child knows the order in which they should do things for morning and afternoon routines (ear breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, change clothes, etc.).  
    • After homework is completed, putting their backpack back in its designated spot, so they are ready for the morning. 
    • Having a set homework and bedtime will make your life much easier. **Speaking from personal experience, I have found getting homework done as soon as you get home (after a quick snack) was the best time for my kids.** Then you have the rest of the evening to enjoy each other!

    Please reach out if you need other suggestions.