• The Music department at Ardsley Middle School seeks to develop and extend the preliminary performance and general music experiences students have had at the elementary level.  Since the Middle School is staffed by several faculty members who teach at either the High School or Concord Road in addition to the Middle School, there exists a clear path toward curricular coherence across grades K-12.

    At Ardsley Middle School, students are offered extra opportunities to extend their musical lives.  Aside from one of four required core classes on each grade level - Band, Orchestra, Chorus, or General Music - students also have the opportunity to take part in smaller, more specialized performance groups after school.  Based on their level of proficiency, band students are offered the option of Jazz Band or The Outcast (also a jazz ensemble), while Orchestra students may take part in Chamber Orchestra.  All students in grades 5-8, regardless of their enrolled core class, are also given the opportunity to sing in two after-school choirs:  Madrigal Choir and the Troubadours Vocal Group.

    Students in Band, Orchestra and Chorus perform in two seasonal concerts each year.  Students in the after-school groups perform seasonally as well.

    Here at Ardsley Middle School, the music faculty firmly believes that music must play a central role in a child's well-being and development.  For this reason, the Music staff is readily available and always eager to encourage and support each student's music needs and endeavors.



    Department Members:

    Kyle Banks

    Lisa DeFrenza

    Jillian Kaplan

    Susan Lee-Chong

    Talia Schulman