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  • How to add my Twitter Feed to my Homepage?
    1. Go to and log in.
    2. Go to Profile and settings (top right hand corner of Twitter, click on your profile picture). Click on Settings.
    3. Go to Widgets.
    4. Click Create New.
    5. You can adjust the look of your Twitter feed.
    6. Then click Create Widget.
    7. Copy the code.
    8. In Schoolwires, add an Embed Code App to your page. This can be on the homepage, just place the Embed Code app in one of the reserved regions.
    9. Paste the code from Twitter into the Embed Code app and Save.

    How do I turn on titles for my apps?
    For each app, you want to name the app as you want it to be displayed. Go to Options and check the box for Show the app name on my page.
    How do I show the navigation on the left side?
    Under the channel for those pages, right click on the options button and go to Page Options. Make sure the box for No left Navigation is unchecked.
    How do I redirect a page to a website outside my site?
    Go to Actions under the Section workspace, then select page options. You can then copy and paste the website URL into the Map Page to Web Address box.
    How to set a web page to open in a new window?
    When mapping a page to another URL, you want to ensure that the destination file or website opens in a New Window. This ensures an automatic return to your website when the end-user closes the destination window.

    Here's how you set the Map Page option to open in a New Window.

    In Site Manager, navigate to the Section Workspace that contains the Page you wish to map to a file or website.
    Click Actions to the right of the Page.
    Select Page Options from the drop-down list. The Page Options window displays.
    Type "target=_blank at the end of the URL in the Map Section to Web Address field.
    Click Save. The Section Workspace displays in the Summary tab.

    Note: "target=_blank will not display in the Map Page to Web Address field when you return to the Page Options. The system will still know to open the URL in a New Window.