• Annual Personnel Performance Review Plan Documents

    The Regents of the State of New York in Part 30-2d of the Commissioner’s Regulations mandates that all school districts adopt an Annual Personnel Performance Review (APPR) plan.  Its purpose is to prioritize student learning by ensuring that all children have access to a rigorous and rich curriculum.  Instructional excellence is promoted and sustained by providing systematic, constructive feedback and high-quality learning opportunities to our professional staff.

    All classroom, special area, and special education teachers, and building principals are evaluated under APPR.  This process consists of a variety of formal and informal observations conducted by building leaders and district administration. In each evaluation cycle, we have an emphasis on planning, feedback and professional growth as it applies to instruction and student learning.

    It is required of all school districts to make their APPR plans available to the public and they must be approved by the state annually.  Ardsley's current approved plan is posted below.  


    APPR Rating and Score Request Process

    Request for Annual Professional Performance Review Scores Form

    Policy 6131 Parental Rights To APPR Composite Scores

    Grades 3-8 State Testing Refusal Letter