• AHS Writing Center

    Period 5 and 6: Upper Library

    What is the AHS Writing Center?

    The AHS Writing Center provides students with access to individualized writing instruction during the school day. Staffed by an English teacher, the center is open everyday during lunch (Periods 5 and 6). Students may make an appointment or may simply drop by during lunch periods to conference with the teacher about a writing assignment. Based on models currently used at many colleges and universities, the Writing Center aims to offer students the opportunity to receive feedback on writing assignments across the curriculum. The center is based upon the pedagogical philosophy that students of all ability levels show the greatest development in writing when they have opportunities to receive individualized instruction. 

    Reasons for students to visit the Writing Center:

    • Brainstorming/planning a new writing assignment (for any class)
    • Typing a paper (Chromebooks are available for use in the center)
    • English writing response
    • Social Studies essay
    • Science lab report
    • College application essay
    • Research paper
    • Creative writing piece
    • SAT practice prompt


    For further information, you may contact:

    Brian Gutherman
    English Teacher
    English Department Curriculum Leader
    (914) 295-5923


    Tara Bandman
    English Teacher
    (914) 295-5966