• Course Description

    Tenth grade social studies is the second year of a two-year course in Global History and Geography.  During this year, students will be introduced to a chronological, cross- cultural survey of history from the Enlightenment to the contemporary world.  Students will engage in a comparative study of the history, politics, economics and cultures of different regions of the world.  Students will use social science techniques and concepts to study the past and encourage critical thinking about the present as well as the future.


    The purpose of this course is to analyze the connections between people and societies, and to develop a sense of chronology that will provide students with a framework for organizing historical thought.  The ability to present ideas clearly (particularly in written form) will be a major focus of this class.


    This is the second year of a two-year course.  There is a New York State Regents examination at the end of tenth grade.  The Regents is a culmination of both ninth and tenth grade Global History and Geography.


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