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    All updates on class events, including quizzes, tests and homework assignments, are available on each class's private Google Classroom page. Students are invited by Mr. Tamez and parents are allowed to join Google Classroom as a parent/guardian. Please email Mr. Tamez at jtamez@ardsleyschools.org if you need help accessing the Google Classroom page.

    Prerequisites for French 3R or French 3H:
    French 3H: Students who had an A- or higher in level 2R usually move on to French 3 Honors and then progress to French 4 Honors and AP French. To remain in the honors program, students need to maintain an average of B or higher in their honors course.

    French 3R: Students who did not enter the honors program enroll in French 3 R, which used to be the Regents course, and then progress on to French 4 R and SUNY Albany French.

    French Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français)
    Motto: <<Avoir une autre langue, c'est posséder une deuxième âme.>> ("To have another language is to possess a second soul.")

    After Level 4/4H, students are eligible to be inducted into the French Honor Society. To qualify, a student must have an average French course grade of A- (90 or higher) in French 2R, 3/3H and 4/4H. 

    The WL Honors Induction Ceremony is typically held at the end of the school year in late May or early June in coordination with the Spanish and Italian programs.