Sophomore Class



    Welcome to Sophomore Year! 

    Each 10th grade student is paired with a counselor who will work with them for the next three years. This will provide the opportunity for the student and guidance counselor to form a close relationship. The 10th-grade seminar is focused on each student's personal interests and values, personality, and impact on academic and personal decisions. 10th graders are asked to do an interest inventory to expose them to academic and career options based on students' personal strengths. Individual course planning with each 10th grade student takes place in February. The course planning guide is on the website and criteria-based AP course enrollment information is sent out to all families. A parent presentation for standardized testing (PSAT, SAT, and ACT) is offered. In addition, a small group parent presentation about “making the most out of high school” is offered.


    Keep your grades up. Grades, grades, grades. Consider your grades as your salary in a job. Your job is to go to school and your salary is your grades. The higher your grades, the higher the reward. An occasional "C" is okay, but you want to aim for something higher. If you're doing the best you can and you receive a "C," then that's okay.  Students with an occasional "C" still have plenty of options. Work on self-discipline and time management.

    Put effort into extracurricular activities. By the time you apply to college, you should be able to demonstrate depth and leadership in an extracurricular area. Think about what you can bring, not only to a college community but what you can bring to Ardsley. How can you make things better?

    Begin learning about the college admissions process. Go on a college tour to experience life on a college campus. Speak with your counselor to make sure you're on track for graduation and to select the right courses for the college you're interested in. Get familiar with the general college entrance requirements.