• Nut Allergy Information

    The Ardsley School District and Aramark Food Services take food allergies very seriously and take every precaution to keep our cafeterias and kitchens safe for your children

    Aramark Food Services does not purchase any foods that contain any type of nuts or tree nuts.  All of our school kitchens are free of any type of nuts to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.   Not all manufacturers we contract with will state they have nut free facilities but they are required to label foods with nutritional information and ingredients. None of the ingredients in the manufacturers’ facility lists include any nuts nor say made or processed in a plant that “may contain” nuts.

    No information is required for fresh fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables.

    Aramark Food Services purchases Linden Cookies, Rich’s Ice Cream and Rosati ice pops as snack items, they are all manufactured in a nut free facility.

    Please note, we do use Sun butter that contains no nuts but is made from sunflower seeds.

    If you have any other dietary restrictions please feel free to reach out.