• Welcome to 10th Grade English! During the course of this year, we will explore the power of words to make an impact. We will uncover this phenomenon through reading, writing, acting, speaking, watching films, listening to each other and thinking.  


    Essential Questions

    The following questions will guide us in our journey through 10th grade English:

    Q:  How do our words, or lack thereof, impact a society?
    Q:  How do our surroundings shape our identity?
    Q:  Who influences our decisions and how and why do they do that?
    Q:  What are our responsibilities as individuals?  As members of society?
    Q:  How are individuals and societies impacted and reflected by written and spoken words?
    Q: How can questioning deepen my understanding of people and ideas?


    For more information, please refer to my Google Classroom pages:

    1st Period: 10R-1st Period

    4th Period: 10R-4th Period

    5th Period: 10R 5th Period