Is my child permitted to bring a friend on the bus?

    • No. Only students assigned to a bus may ride that bus.


    Is my child allowed to get on or off the bus at a different stop?

    • No. All students must use their assigned bus stop.


    Can my child get off the bus in the afternoon without a parent there?

    • Concord Road students in Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade must be met at the bus stop by a parent or guardian. If there is no parent at the bus stop, the driver is instructed to take the student back to the school and the parent will be notified.
    • Students in all higher grades (3rd and up) may get off the bus on their own.


    Can my child be picked up from or dropped off to a location other than our home?

    • If you regularly use a babysitter or other childcare service at a different address, your K-8 child may be able to take a bus to and/or from that location if you submit a signed and notarized Childcare Provider Form to the transportation department. (Click here for the form.) The childcare must be at a home address within Ardsley, and an adult must meet the bus at the stop for K-2 students.


    We recently moved to a new address within the district OR moved into the district and registered for school. Will my child be able to start riding the bus right away?

    • No. It can take several days (or more, depending on the time of year) for the transportation department to get the registration information, assign your child to a bus, and get a revised route to the bus company/driver. You will be notified by e-mail when the busing is set up and the date it can begin.


    Is it possible to change my child’s assigned bus stop to a different location?

    • Maybe. You may send your request by e-mail to vgranuzzo@ardsleyschools.org and it will be reviewed. Note: No changes will be considered during the first few weeks of school.