Freshman Class

  • Welcome Freshman! 

    Through Freshmen seminars and frequent student/counselor engagement, the 9th-grade Guidance Counselor is instrumental in the transition process for 8th graders entering high school. This process begins with a counselor meeting with each 8th-grade student and family in the winter of 8th grade to review high school courses and graduation requirements. An overview of the courses a student will take throughout high school is discussed, as are student expectations and general high school procedures.

    Our Freshmen seminars is a key component of the freshman counseling program. Both the 9th-grade counselor and the school social worker meet in small groups throughout the school year. Students learn about school procedures regarding course changes, progress reports, academic honor roll, and extracurricular activities. Discussions include topics such as adjustments to high school and typical problems of a freshman, as well as sensitive issues such as plagiarism and relationships. Drug and alcohol use are also addressed. In addition, social/emotional skill development has become part of our DBT group guidance program.

    Freshmen are also introduced to Skills Training for Emotional Problem Solving for Adolescents (DBT STEPS A) to help them manage and regulate their emotions.

    Here are some suggestions for a successful freshman year:

    • Stay Organized 
    • Challenge Yourself Academically
    • Continue Reading Books Outside of the Classroom
    • Find an activity that you enjoy and are passionate about outside of the classroom 



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