• Critical Writing and Research is an interdisciplinary writing course that introduces you to the fundamentals of constructing arguments and conducting research to support claims. Focusing on independent research, you will analyze written texts (editorials, articles, etc.) and visual texts (editorial cartoons, advertisements, documentaries) in order to better understand the ways in which arguments can be crafted.

    Once you understand the creation of arguments, you will apply these techniques to your own writing and projects. In addition, you will learn to develop a research question and gather information to support your research on a topic of your choice. You also are responsible for delivering presentations based on independent research. This course acts as a foundation for the critical thinking and writing needed as a successful student and a thoughtful member of society,


    • How does the individual use rhetorical strategies to meet his or her purpose in speech or writing?
    • How does one conduct research and marshal evidence to advance a claim?
    • How does the individual rhetorically analyze images?
    • How does one evaluate an argument’s validity?
    • How do corporations, politicians, community leaders, columnists and advertisers utilize rhetorical strategies and what are the effects?
    • How do the effects of all the cultural rhetoric shape the individual in contemporary culture?


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    CWR 7-A