• Reader’s Workshop/Independent Reading- Students participate in a whole class reading lesson and then return to their table for independent reading.

    Partner Reading – Students have opportunities to read with others in the classroom. We also have book buddies from an upper grade class.

    Literacy Stations/Guided Reading- Students engage in literacy/word work activities independently or in groups/partnerships at their tables. This enables teachers to work with a small group of students. During this time, the teacher introduces and supports students to read a book that is slightly more difficult than books they can read independently. Teachers provide guidance in reading strategies to prepare students for reading books independently at this level.

    Shared Reading- Students participate in reading a text with the teacher and his/her peers. These texts include big book texts, morning messages, class news, and more. Teachers are able to support students in new reading strategies through this shared experience.

    Story Time/Read Aloud- Teachers will read aloud books related to units of study, content studies, math, and simply because a book is fun to read! Students will learn about fiction and nonfiction texts through their experience with Story Time.