• Professional School Counselors


    Jennifer Ayub
    School Counselor
    Phone: 914-295-5862
    Email: jayub@ardsleyschools.org

    Joseph D’Eletto
    School Counselor
    Phone: 914-295-5850
    Email: jdeletto@ardsleyschools.org

    Eric Helmrich
    School Counselor
    Phone: 914-295-5851
    Email: ehelmrich@ardsleyschools.org

    William Lessa
    School Counselor
    Phone: 914-295-5852
    Email: wlessa@ardsleyschools.org

    Tara Wright
    School Counselor
    Phone: 914-295-5853
    Email: twright@ardsleyschools.org


    School Counseling Support Staff

    Lurana Spinelli
    Phone: 914-295-5860
    Email: lspinelli@ardsleyschools.org

    Patty Medina
    Phone:  914-295-5858
    Email:  pmedina@ardsleyschools.org

  • Ardsley High School Profile

    Guidance Office Fax #: (914) 295-5977

    Hours of Operation: 
    The Guidance Office is open Monday–Friday from 8:00am–3:00pm.

    We encourage students to make appointments with their counselors in the office. Parents should make an appointment with their student's counselor directly so that we may devote quality time with you.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled with all teachers by contacting the school counselor. Each counselor keeps their own calendar and schedule for conferences. All conferences are scheduled in the afternoon from 2:20pm–3:00pm. If you need to speak or meet with one or two teachers, please contact that teacher directly or by email. Teacher emails can be found on the main Ardsley High School website.