• Guidance and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) 

    Being well is as important as doing well

    Our K-12 Guidance and SEL programs follow a developmentally appropriate progression. We strive to provide all students with access to the skills and resources they need to keep themselves safe, respond to social problems, make sound decisions and regulate their own behavior and feelings. We also help students identify their abilities and interests as they develop an approach to life that is uniquely their own.  

    Our vision is to move from a program focus to a system focus over the next few years which includes embedding SEL skills into all our teaching practices. Classroom teachers and parents in addition to our guidance teachers all play a role in helping students on their journey to become more self-aware and more independent in the classroom and in life. By working on improving the entire system of schooling as opposed to adding more guidance programs to an already busy school day, students will be positioned to be more engaged in their learning, to achieve more without increasing stress, and to be more empowered to succeed on their own.  

    Self-awareness and self-advocacy are at the heart of our SEL efforts this year. We recently participated in a peer-review process with the Tri-States Consortium of Schools. We received high praise for what is currently in place, and guidance experts from around our region provided valuable feedback and recommendations. Moving forward we will integrate these ideas into our programs.

    Please visit the links below to understand Guidance and SEL program highlights from each school. Also you will find links to our full Counseling-Guidance Plan that details our compliance to state standards.