• Guide to Guidance and SEL Programs at Concord Road School

    The elementary school years set the foundation for developing the skills needed for children to become resilient and confident lifelong learners. At Concord Road School, our K-4 developmental guidance program is proactive by design. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach which adapts to meet the changing needs of our children and families. In our day to day work with children, we foster the emotional, social and academic growth of all students.

    CRS Program Highlights

    • RULER: Concord Road Elementary School has partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to implement an approach to social and emotional learning called RULER, which is an acronym for the five key emotion skills of Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating. This approach has been shown to result in enhanced well-being, academic performance, and school climate.  
    • ROAR: This school wide approach, which stands for Respectful, Outwardly kind and caring, Always safe and Responsible (ROAR), defines the culture of our school. It encourages children to make ethical choices, internalize a sense of empathy and build strong, healthy relationships with others. These concepts are reinforced through visuals in every classroom, celebrations of positive choices and school-wide monthly assemblies. Over morning announcements, students start the day with R.O.A.R affirmations led by fourth grade students.

    • Kelso’s Choice: This conflict management program has been implemented in kindergarten through 3rd grade. While it is critical for children to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate their emotions they also need strong problem-solving skills to take action on their disagreements or conflicts. Kelso’s Choice integrates seamlessly with our RULER initiative. 

    Other Examples of Highlighted Initiatives and Programs for students

    • PALs Peer Program: Student volunteers are trained and given opportunities to help peers with making friends during recess
    • Peace Table: After initial presentation, students are invited to use the peace table for emotional regulation and conflict resolution
    • Wellness Fair: Event to help students become aware of healthy eating, stress reduction activities, positive thinking, mental and physical health strategies
    • Anti-Bullying Assembly: Assembly designed to reduce bullying, increase empathy and empower students

    Other Examples of Highlighted Initiatives and Programs for families and parents 

        • New Family Orientation
        • Parent Teacher Conferences
        • Parent Consultations
        • Parent Workshops such as Internet Safety

    Useful Links

    For a complete list of our district's Guidance and SEL programs, please review the AUFSD School Counseling-Guidance Plan and scroll to the sections organized by a written introduction as well as a K-12 Grid of curriculum elements aligned to standards.