• Guide to Guidance and SEL Programs at Ardsley High School

    Building upon the foundation of skills developed in elementary and middle school, our AHS Guidance and SEL programs focus on helping students face the unique challenges of high school. We work to provide students with the skills necessary to manage stress, take risks, and establish/maintain healthy relationships. We also provide a number of resources and direct counseling to help students and families prepare for college or other secondary education. 

    AHS Program Highlights

    • Challenge Success: Ardsley High School has partnered with Stanford University and developed a comprehensive SEL strategy and plan. AHS kicked-off a school-wide student survey to gather information about school engagement, homework, academic integrity, physical health, parent expectations and other categories. Changes to homework and test schedules are already underway to lessen student stress.
    • Health & Guidance classes: In 9th grade, all students are exposed to DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Steps -- a program that teaches mindfulness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills to students.
    • Wellness Center - The center is open to all students during 5th and 6th period lunch. The Center’s key mission is to promote healthy living with a focus on facilitating positive lifestyle changes and effective stress management strategies. The Wellness Center provides valuable resources and hosts a number of events throughout the year for students, parents, and faculty. All programs complement the Dignity Act for All Students, the Code of Conduct, Alcohol and Drug policy and many more initiatives.  

    Other Examples of Highlighted Initiatives and Programs for students

    • Annual Wellness Fair
    • Stress-Less 12 Week Seminar
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Groups and Individual Counseling
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Parent Program 
    • Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Newcomers Groups (students new to the school district)
    • Special Prevention Assemblies on Teen Challenges
    • Monthly Prevention Activities on Teen Risky Behaviors
    • Parent Guidance Breakfast Meetings
    • Senior Evening Workshops
    • College Exploration Planning Conferences
    • Senior Seminar College Visitation and Interviews
    • College Essay Writing Center
    • Individual Case Management

    Other Examples of Highlighted Initiatives and Programs for families and parents

        • Information sessions related to transition to 9th Grade
        • Parent Workshops on College Exploration, Planning & Admissions process
        • Monthly Facts and Chats Parent Program

    Useful Links

    AHS Guidance Website

    For a complete list of our district's Guidance and SEL programs, please review the AUFSD School Counseling-Guidance Plan and scroll to the sections organized by a written introduction as well as a K-12 Grid of curriculum elements aligned to standards.