Sight Words

  • Sight words make up 75% of the words we all read every day. These some of the most common words, but they don’t follow any of the standard spelling ‘rules’ of our language. And so our students need to memorize these words as they can’t decode them when reading. In each grade they will be required to memorize more words to help them stay on track to reaching their reading goals each year. Students are also required to write these sight words, which can be more difficult than reading them. This is why practicing these words daily is very important. There is no need to overwhelm students with the studying of these words. Creating a schedule for consistently working on this list of words is a great way to ensure your child meets their reading and writing goals.

    Below you will find the kindergarten list of 50 sight words they are required to read and write by the end of the school year. We will be learning and practicing these words in class but reinforcing the reading and writing of these word at home is essential. Please look for additional sight word resources to be sent home in folders, in newsletters, or sent through remind.

Kindergarten Sight Words

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