• Introduction

    The charge of the Re-Entry Task Force is to design a comprehensive set of recommendations to allow our schools to re-open in September. Our team must consider and help prepare the schools for at least three scenarios:

    1. School buildings/campuses do not open and/or need to close for 2 weeks up to 2 months at a time.  
    2. School buildings/campuses open with social distancing (“Split Attendance”)
    3. School buildings/campuses open and business as usual 


    Our best thinking is that we plan for a Hybrid Learning Model combining Scenario 1 and Scenario 2, but this target changes as the pandemic "curve" develops.  Our September plan must balance three key priorities: the health and safety of those in the schools community, the impact of the pandemic on jobs and families, and the need to effectively educate students. 

    The Task Force is composed of both District Teams and Building Teams.  The teams will hold Community Forums and conduct surveys to inform and get feedback from the community.  Our planning will also include guidance from outside experts such as the state and county health departments, public safety experts, and education consultants.

    Hybrid Learning Explained: What are we designing for the fall? “Our goal with hybrid learning environments is for every student to learn from their teachers every day, whether we are in school or not.” In this brief video interview, Dr. Wilson discusses our latest thinking as we plan for hybrid instruction for the fall. 

    Meeting Recording: Follow this link to watch the video interview recording.