• Presentations

    Re-Entry Task Force Forum Presentation - June 3:  This presentation provides an overview of the Re-Entry Task Force objectives, structure and scope.  We also invite you to view a video of the presentation by following this ZOOM link.  You must enter the password  7r^E84sf to access. Note: The Forum began with an overview, an introduction of the presenters and the survey results.  Since we jumped between websites to show the survey results, the video began recording slightly after the beginning of the presentation.  Please view the first few slides in presentation format. 


    Re-Entry Task Force Community Input #1 - May 29:  This survey highlights the area of concern that are important to our community as we develop plans for the opening school in September.


    Hybrid Learning Explained: What are we designing for the fall? “Our goal with hybrid learning environments is for every student to learn from their teachers every day, whether we are in school or not.” In this brief video interview, Dr. Wilson discusses our latest thinking as we plan for hybrid instruction for the fall.