• Responses to June 3rd Community Forum Questions

    This section contains the questions posed to the Task Force on June 3 during the first community forum.  In order to respond effectively to the community's questions, we have grouped like questions into categories. 

    Glossary of terms:

    • In-Person and Face-to-Face are two terms used to describe when a student is physically IN SCHOOL learning with a teacher and classmates.
    • Remote Classes or Remote Learning are delivered on-screen either by live-stream or pre-taped video with the student AT HOME.
    • Live Teaching: may be live-streamed or in-person.
    • Hybrid Learning or Hybrid Structure means that students are learning and connecting with their teachers every day either through in-person teaching at school or remote learning from home.

    Please email any additional questions, concerns and feedback to taskforce@ardsleyschools.org and include the grade(s) of your student(s) in your email.  We will respond directly or during the next Forum presentation.

    Attached are the Questions and Responses from the June 3 Community Forum in pdf format. Please click on the section in Table of Contents which you are interested in viewing to see both the questions presented and responses from the district. At the bottom of every response you have the opportunity to jump back to the Table of Contents to view another section.