• Model - Logistics,  Flexibility & Choice Questions:

    • Can you elaborate on what a hybrid model would look like for CRS?  Would students attend every other day?
    • I’ve heard other districts discuss sending k-6 to school and spread throughout the buildings in the district and teach 7-12 remotely. Is this being discussed in ardsley?
    • If it's a split session, will they go by last name and keep continuity across all schools? 
    • Splitting the day into shifts would be challenging for many working parents.  Would it be a consideration to have a typical in-person class for parents that are comfortable with that and then to also have dedicated virtual classes for parents that prefer that?
    • Rather than splitting which creates so many scheduling issues, can parents opt into traditional live school vs all virtual classes?
    • What happens if school does reopen but some parents are still not comfortable sending their child?
    • We want a choice to continue distance learning in case.
    • Do you anticipate you'll be able to be flexible about accommodating families with immunocompromised members that may have a different level of risk tolerance
    • How do you think you might handle the student who discovered that they do better with distance learning than attending classes?
    • Will you consider installing cameras in the classrooms to allow for students to learn remotely if they need to be isolated? (If a family member becomes diagnosed with covid)


    These are all real issues that we know our families are concerned about from our survey responses. We know that many of our community members are at different comfort levels with regard to a physical return to school, with a variety of concerns.

    While it is still too early to determine what will be recommended by the state and what may be embraced throughout Westchester County and by health professionals regarding reopening logistics, all of these questions point to options under consideration. As noted in the webinar, we are also looking closely at what has succeeded in other countries who are ahead of our timeline. 

    Bearing that in mind, especially in a hybrid learning model, we believe that it would be possible to provide some flexibility for members of our community as needed. We continue to evaluate a variety of technical solutions so that students can interact with a teacher more effectively whether they are home or in the classroom. Our instructors believe in the value of face-to-face interaction, and we want to ensure that all students will have that option to the best extent available. We are investigating what those options may be as we look to align our remote learning with in-person learning experiences. We also are mindful of how this affects health risks, transportation costs, and a consistent and equitable experience for our students.