• Daily Scheduling & Distance Learning Questions:

    • If we were to go with a hybrid model, would it model a traditional school day of education vs. what we are currently doing?
    • If the kids do not go back in September, is it possible for teachers to teach the classes through the Google Meets just as if they are in the actual classroom? In other words, can they follow the daily schedule and teach every day virtually instead of a 30 minute Google Meet 1-2 times per week.
    • At this time, Live sessions have been brief and much less frequent than our kids usual class schedules. 
    • Why has it been so difficult to do remote classes following a more regular schedule?
    • I am wondering if the possibility of online school schedules similar to “in person school” is being planned in case September opening is not possible (I’m afraid it may not be).
    • If total distance learning needs to continue in the fall, what improvements do you foresee?
    • Will the distance learning model change to REQUIRE teachers to teach and students to attend? Currently in AMS many are optional and are only Q and A . Students are teaching themselves material and it’s a challenge


    We are still a bit ahead of ourselves with regard to determining exactly how we will schedule our days, but there are two things we are quite certain of for September, regardless of whether we are in a fully remote learning environment or in a Hybrid Learning structure.

    We will be incorporating multiple daily live teaching interactions with educators at all grade levels so students are learning and connecting directly with their teachers.  At the secondary level this would mean live contact with each teacher daily; at the elementary level this would mean multiple live interactions with their classroom teacher daily. In addition, we will provide more structured days for students and instructors that mimic, to varying degrees, our in-person learning schedule of a normal school day. Details are yet to come with exactly what that means for each building, but we understand this is desired, and will be beneficial for our students and families.