• Programming - Assessment Related Questions:

    • How will you adjust the curriculum to meet children where they are at?  For ex: if a child is behind in reading, will they automatically receive literacy support? 
    • Will assessments be done online if we are not in the classroom?
    • Will progress reports return? And will teachers be required to return work so they know where they need to improve? And how will this be monitored?


    We are addressing the issue of gaps and learning loss, sometimes called “the Covid Slide” by education professionals and the press, through pre-assessment and curriculum adjustments.   

    We plan to benchmark students K-8 in the fall in reading and mathematics to understand their needs. Teachers will adjust the curriculum accordingly to help meet students where they are.  At the secondary level where subjects are taught sequentially, teachers will determine any gaps through pre-assessment at the beginning of a unit,and adjust instruction to support gaps in content and skill.