• Timing of Decisions Questions:

    • Are there dates of when we should expect to hear about September? or fall? or how much lead time would we get to prepare for each scenario?
    • Is there any anticipated change in the school start date?
    • When will a plan be locked in for the fall?  So the community knows what to expect for September? 


    As of now, we are not expecting to change the first day of school, but that is a variable for which the state may provide input. However, the need for additional  professional development days for teachers and staff to learn new technology tools may necessitate the need to delay school a few days. Labor Day is late this year, so we plan to open school for students that week, unless we hear otherwise from the State.

    Finalizing a plan is not an “event” we can lock down, but rather a series of decisions.  We will be transparent with the community as we inch closer to understanding our options and we will share all decisions in a timely manner. The Building Task Force Teams will begin meeting June 22-30.  You can expect regular updates from both the District Team and the Building Teams as plans solidify.  We will hold a second Re-Entry Task Force Forum during the week of July 13th and will notify the community as soon as a schedule is set.