• Sports & Physical Activity Related Questions

    • Saddened to learn that the modified sports program needed to be cut from the budget.  Is there a way to revisit this?   I know that parents would be willing to pay into this means having parents pay into the program.  
    • It would be great to see intramurals at the Middle School level for sure…. if sports can’t be played with other schools. (Like club sports…)


    As a public school district, we cannot operate a program that is “pay for play”, to address the first question above. There are both budgetary and health considerations with regard to sports and athletics, and Mr. Ramponi and our coaches will be looking to engage our students as early and fully as possible. Our plans will be framed around the idea that all of us, students, staff, and community members benefit from regular physical activity.  If regular teams and athletic contests cannot proceed in the fall, we will find as many safe and engaging activities as we can for students to do in school, after school, and home. Please be patient as we work through our options.