• Task Force Invite and Survey Reminder
    Please find the link to the Taskforce webinar that will take place from 7-8 pm on Wednesday, July 15. At this time we plan to review the most recent community survey, outline our latest thinking about schedules, and update other important taskforce teams such as health and safety, athletics, and extracurricular activities. In addition, we will take questions from the community.
    Follow this link to join the Webinar. 
    If you have not already done so, please complete the community survey questions before Monday, July 13.

    Task Force Update and Survey July 2

    Next Task Force Forum via Webinar: July 15 from 7-8 pm;  Zoom invite to follow

    September Schedule:  As you have likely heard, CT and NJ have published their guidance on the return to school and we anticipate that NY will issue similar counsel by mid-July. Therefore our “current best thinking” is that September schedules may have students coming to school 2-3 days per week. Most state guidelines require social distancing and rigorous screening, tracing, and sanitizing practices. Social distancing is achieved by “reduced density” of students which translates to running the buildings at 50% capacity.  

    There are several ways to achieve this through scheduling and we plan to review options on July 15 with the community to gain feedback. We continue to be driven by three key priorities: the Health and Safety of students and staff, the desire to Maximize Face-to-Face Instruction, the need to have Predictable and Consistent Schedules. In addition, our plan must be adaptable to changing conditions and support the needs of immunocompromised students, teachers, and families.

    Transportation and Technology Survey:  Transportation social distancing guidelines are unclear at this point. But, we anticipate that we will be required to reduce seating on buses by at least 50%, if not more. For example, if the guidelines are “every other seat” AND “alternating rows”, a 66 seat bus might only allow 11 riders. We also would like to understand any technology challenges you may anticipate with a hybrid schedule. Please take a moment to share your plans, your thoughts, and your thinking. Click here to open the surveyKindly respond by Monday, July 13. 

    Current Quarantine Guidelines and Summer Travel:  While these requirements are subject to change between now and the start of school, please be aware that NYS is requiring a 14-day quarantine period for people returning from vacation in certain parts of the US and abroad.  A quarantine period could impact your child’s ability to start school in-person. Please keep this in mind as you set end-of-summer travel plans.

    Building Teams: As planned, each building team met this past week. Their initial focus is on “Operations”  where they will work through a Day-in-the-Life at 50% Occupancy. As we move toward a set schedule and a transportation plan, the building teams will shift their focus toward communications. By mid-August, they will be sharing the opening of school plans and instructions for students and parents. If you have specific questions, please reach out to the principals, but know that they will not have definitive answers until later in the summer.

    Summer Bridge Activities Available Online:  Both Concord Road and AMS have posted summer reading and math activities on-line. This work is self-directed and is designed to help students keep current with their skills and to review concepts for the fall. Reading is the most beneficial activity to maintain academic skills over the summer.

    Meal Distribution: Although the Ardsley School District will not be providing meals throughout the summer, as part of our School Nutrition Program, there is an option for our families who desire this free service. The Greenburgh School District will offer summer meals starting July 7th. The pickup time is from 9:00-11:00 am at the two below addresses. Any person 18 years or younger is eligible.

    • Highview Elementary School - 200 North Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530, up the ramp. 
    • Richard J. Bailey Elementary School - 33 West Hillside Ave, White Plains,  NY, 10607, pull in driveway.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback and questions from the survey and to connecting virtually on July 15. As always, know you can reach out with questions and suggestions by e-mailing to reentry@ardsleyschools.org or taskforce@ardsleyschools.org. Until then, stay safe and have a Happy Independence Day. 

    Task Force Update - June 22, 2020

    As classes officially end this week and our final celebrations of the year bring the 2019-20 school year to a close, planning for the fall continues. Here are few updates from the Task Force this week.

    Hybrid Learning Explained: What are we designing for the fall? “Our goal with hybrid learning environments is for every student to learn from their teachers every day, whether we are in school or not.”

    Regional Planning: We were excited to now have the latest Re-Entry Planning guidance developed by our safety and security partners, Altaris.  This document is a compilation of recommendations and best practices from over 50 districts, the CDC, State and county-level experts around operations, health and safety, instruction, and communications. This will help streamline our planning process.

    Building Teams: Principals will be holding their first building-level team meetings the week of June 29. The building teams, comprised of administrators, teachers, parents, nurses, and staff, will focus on scheduling and curriculum planning for the fall. Students will be brought into the teams after the initial meetings.

    Connecting with Local Expertise: We had a great question from a parent who asked how parents in the medical profession could be of help to the district.

    If you are a medical or mental health professional in our community who has had practical experience during the pandemic, particularly with its effects on children, we’d like to hear from you and tap your expertise as needed. Please reach out to taskforce@ardsleyschools.org if you’d like to offer your time, with a short note on your area of expertise and any relevant experience.

    Upcoming Survey Topics: The focus of our next survey is on “family logistics”. In particular, we will attempt to understand the community’s thoughts and plans around transportation, working from home, and child care as the region gets back to work. Understanding the challenges you faced this spring and the plans you are considering for the fall will help us understand the impact of our scheduling, transportation, and other priorities.

    From Your Questions: We have received one additional concern through taskforce@ardsleyschools.org regarding the importance that items/materials such as hand sanitizers, pencils, books, chrome books, etc. remain individual and labeled with names. The issue of "sharing" is a top-line discussion in our planning. We agree that it is important to minimize the sharing of equipment and supplies and also to maximize the washing and sanitizing of hands and equipment in between activities.

    As always, we welcome your questions and suggestions. Please reach out to the task force at taskforce@ardsleyschools.org at any time.