• Our ELA curriculum encompasses both Reading and Writing. We take a workshop approach to both. This means our class will engage in a mini lesson followed by independent practice and then a share time. The biggest benefit of this approach is the ability to take students from where they are and help them to grow and reach their maximum potential no matter what level they are on.

    As readers in kindergarten, we will focus on a variety of things. The NYS Next Generation Standards include topics like Reading Literature, Reading Informational Texts and Foundational Skills. We will work on reading skills (word attack strategies, concepts about print and comprehension strategies) throughout the year. Meeting in small groups will allow me to meet the individual needs of my learners.

    We learn through interactive read alouds, shared reading and small and whole group lessons.

    As writers in kindergarten, we focus on telling our stories through pictures, oral storytelling and labeling our stories as early writers. As the year progresses, we begin writing personal narratives, informational reports and persuasive letters.