Fourth Grade with Mrs. Maneyapanda
  • Fourth grade scientists learn how to observe, record, and interpret information like scientists.  They learn to identify and utilize tools in the science classroom. As scientists, we will be focusing on exploring and explaining different phenomenons. The children will apply the skills they learn as they work in cooperative groups, delegating jobs and sharing the tasks. 

    The performance expectations in fourth grade help students formulate answers to questions such as:

    • How does speed relate to an object's energy?
    • What are ways energy from natural resources can impact the environment?
    • Generate solutions that use waves to transmit information.
    • How does the eye receive and transmit information?
    • What evidence can you find in rock formations that explain changes in landscapes over time?
    • How can maps help us identify patterns of the Earth's features?
    • What is matter made of?
    • Investigate whether mixing two substances will or will not result in creating a new substance.