• Welcome to the National Art Honor
    Online Bowl Auction 2023*

    Please direct all questions to Stephanie Rosen srosen@ardsleyschools.org

    *A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank of Westchester.

    Please fill out the registration form completely prior to bidding:


    Bowls for Auction: (Click Photo to Bid)**

    **Please hand wash only - Do not microwave bowls - Some bowls are not to be used with food.

    Trip to AweWatermelon the Adventurer8 BallCuore AmoreUnder the SeaBright CherriesStripesParuparo (Butterfly in Tagalog)FlowerSplashCalamityFor View OnlyHoneycombThis Bowl Loves YouFish PondDon't Forget About MeCurls and SwirlsKiwiA-symmetrical SymmetryInfra-RedBulaklakWarmthA Simple Breath