• Students will be working in the math curriculum Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space. This curriculum is an inquiry based approach to learn and explore mathematics.  In this curriculum, children have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas through investigations, games, problem solving, and discussions. Daily practice of math facts at home is a great way to help your child become fluent in mathematical practices. These math facts will begin within 10, and reach 20 by the end of the year. 

      Our first unit is Building Numbers and Solving Story Problems. This unit focuses on counting and comparing quantities, connecting counting to the operations of addition and subtraction, and developing an understanding of and strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems via story problems and games. Because it is the first unit, it also introduces the processes, structures, and materials that form the basis of math instruction throughout the year, and establishes the mathematical community. As part of this work, several year long  classroom routines are introduced that offer regular practice with counting and combining, number composition, developing visual images of quantities, collecting and analyzing data, and working with time.